Corporate Wellness

A Healthy Workforce for a Healthier Business!

At KRAZE Fitness we are dedicated to creating a happier and healthier community in Winston-Salem and the wider Forsyth County for the workforce and for employers. We customize Corporate Wellness programs to fit your company set-up and style, along with employee and business needs.

Corporate Wellness Winston-Salem

Our health and fitness experts work with groups or one-on-one with key personnel. We can come to your location for greater convenience to you, or we can run programs from KRAZE Fitness premises too. We offer fun, engaging exercise programs and group fitness competitions, as well as offering diet and nutritional counseling. We provide education and training about how to create a more ergonomic workplace too.

Our Corporate Wellness programs benefit individuals and businesses through :

  • Creating committed employees with less days off through illness.
  • Reduced health care costs for individuals and businesses.
  • Better mental clarity and sharper focus.
  • Reduced stress-related issues and illnesses.
  • Releasing happy hormones to stimulate enthusiasm and work commitment.
  • A sociable, bonding experience that is team building and boosts morale.
  • Energy giving exercises to inspire greater creativity.
  • Attention on individuals for improved self-confidence at work.
  • A reduction in work-related injuries.
  • Reduced workers' compensation claims.
  • Less disability management in the workplace.
  • Reinforcing a company's core values and corporate culture.

Health is Wealth

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