About our camp

About us

Kraze Fitness and Martial Arts is privately owned by a Licensed Physical Therapist. Bionic Kids Summer Sport camp in Winston Salem, NC is unique in that it was developed for the owners own kids. He wanted his kids to have summers filled with fun, friendship, engaging activities and lifelong memories while at the same time developing their growing bodies to the fullest. In other words, he wanted to give his children every opportunity to excel in sports from both a mental and physical perspective.

A camp that gives back--A portion of your your proceeds goes to support starving children, right here in NC.

Our camp has the full range of amenities, including

Air-conditioned rooms, Internet access, a fitness club, all-day canteen, enclosed gym And much, much more!

Our Philosophy

We believe that our children are the future. As parents and educators, it is our job to nurture them, guide them and provide the best possible experiences during their formative years. We believe this to be true for not only emotionally but physically as well. Research has shown that when a child's body is trained properly, it lays down pathways that it will call on again and again. That's where Kraze Fitness and Martial Arts comes in.

Summers at Kraze Fitness and Martial Arts provide kids with an ideal environment to grow and develope their athletic abilities. Our philosophy is that children need to be exposed to a varying level of activities each scalable to their individual needs in order to push through limits and expose their true potential.
By engaging in a regular schedule of stimulating activities with other campers, kids learn valuable emotional and physical skills they will use for a life time.

We also bring martial arts training into their daily activities for Self esteem, Self protection and Mental discipline.

Our Core Team

Our team of directors, instructors and camp counselors form the core of Kraze Fitness and Martial Arts. Year after year, our team works with carefully selected college students and graduates from around the country to make dreams come true for hundreds of kids. This is who we are:

Kevin is a founding member of Kraze Fitness and Martial Arts and has been the camp's director for nearly 5 years. Kevin has a deep understanding of what kids and their parents are looking for in a summer sport camp, thanks in part to Kevin's experience as a physical therapist and a Head Coach.

Kevin Plyes
Camp Director

Derina Plyes
Camp Guide

Lonnie Price III
Sports Instructors