Group Classes Schedule

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Open round-the-clock, KRAZE Fitness is an integrate part of the Winston-Salem community when it comes to activities and promoting a fitter, healthier lifestyle! Our Group Classes include:

Zumba - 5 Rounds to Fitness - Fast & Fit
LA Kickboxing for Women - Yoga
Kettlebell Fusion - Martial Arts

Kraze Fitness Class Schedule

Class Mon Tues Wed Thur Fri Sat
P.I.Y.O Pilates &Yoga 6:00p - 7:00p
Yoga 12:15p – 1:15p 12:15-1:15pm
5:30p – 6:30p
Zumba 6:00p – 7:00p 6:00p 7:00p
Women’s Kickboxing 6:00p – 7:00p 6:00p – 7:00p Co -Ed kickbox Xtreme 6:00p – 7:00p 9:00a – 10:00a
5 Rounds
2 Fitness
5:15p – 5:45p 5:15p – 5:45p 1st and 3rd Saturday 11:00a
Kettlebells 5:30p – 6:00p 5:30p – 6:00p
Spin 6:15p – 7:15p 6:15p – 7:15p 10.00a – 11.00a

Kraze Kross Training Schedule

Class Mon Tues Wed Thur Fri Sat
Kross Training 5:30p 6:15p 5:30p 10:00p
All Levels

* This will be a open class with an instructor present *

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