Kim Day

There could not possibly be a better fit for me – not only do I love my students and the members I have come across, but the staff, instructors, and trainers at the Kraze have truly become a second family. They are there to help, to listen and encourage, and most of all, they keep me motivated.

Blake & Angie Johnson

We have never been a part of something so fun and good for you. We have only great times to speak about with this group!

Tanya Walker

I have lost two dress sizes and can wear a small, which has not been done in twenty years. I am so proud of the healthy and confident person The Kraze has helped me to become.

Stephen Elliott

Kraze Fitness and AMAA is a fantastic place to workout and train. I highly recommend both Kevin Pyles, the Kraze Fitness gym, and the American Martial Arts Academy!-

Monica Reid

Since I have been a member at The Kraze I have lost 196 lbs!!!!

Jaclyn Dienes

I have felt welcome from day one. The staff, instructors, and trainers are so friendly. They want to motivate you and I have used their positive words at home, at work and just to turn a bad day good.

Kyle & Cristi Samuals

Kraze Fitness has helped both of us start living again! We are happier than we have ever been-together!

Katy Lusetti

Not only do they actually care about your success, but you feel like you have known these people all your life. It is a community that isn’t just about fitness, but about life.

I was a member of the KRAZE a couple years ago and decided to change to a gym in Winston with multiple locations, one of which was near my work. It was a terrible decision. As soon as my membership expired, I came back to the KRAZE. There is simply no gym in Winston Salem like the KRAZE and I’m so glad I’m back!

I have been a member of the KRAZE for over 5 years. They helped me get from over 200 pounds down to a lean 160. The real difference that I have experienced there is the knowledge and expertise of the staff. Not only do they really know what they are doing but they actually want to help. Kevin has put together a top notch team and I will be there as long as they are.

The Kraze is an awesome place. Killer music, great energy and friendly people. I couldn’t imagine working out anywhere else.